Reputation Points

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These reputation points will be displayed on silent bid sheets unless you request that they do not

New in 2019: Reputation Points

New this year are reputation points. Reputation points are points awarded to callmakers to help define how good your reputation is among your peers in the competition, identify your abilities to potential buyers, possibly increase your sales from year to year, and give you respect among your peers. These reputation points will be displayed on silent bid sheets unless you request that they do not, and these points will carry with you from year to year.

So how do you get reputation points? We have derived a formula for most of these points. You will get points based on how many calls are entered in a category you have placed in, where you placed in that category, and what kind of awards you have won. You will also receive points for every call you enter into the competition, how complete your public profile is, from buyers who have purchased your calls, and other callmakers who we have received calls from. Each contest administrator can award up to twenty-five points to any ONE callmaker of their choice each year.

Reputation points are meant to be fair and unbiased. Therefore, please do not request an administrative call making staff member to issue you points. 

The integrity of those points would be lopsided and inaccurate if they were to be awarded to anyone who requested them or awarded in ways that were not intended. The points are meant to represent the level you have achieved as a callmaker. This way, when someone goes online to bid on a call that you have made (that they cannot pick up and play), they can feel confident about the quality of the call based on the reputation points you have been awarded.

The points are NOT negotiable in any way. What you have been awarded will be final. This does not mean you cannot let us know how you like them or dislike them. We always welcome your feedback.