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Whats new this year?

We think you will love it

After much feedback from the 2018 contest, we have once again reviewed and made changes and given you even more than we did last year. Listed on this page are a few of the many things we have already changed, or plan to change before next year's convention.

Have some ideas of your own? PLEASE feel free to share them with us (this should be done ASAP), so we will have plenty of time to decide if the suggestion is something we can implement into the new contest design or something that just cannot be accomplished in the time we have remaining.

The first change you may notice is that the login page has been separated from the signup page. This is because too many people were trying to login to the registration form rather than the login form. Some of the changes that will take place this year will be behind the scenes, and other changes, like the design, should be pronounced.

As always we welcome your feedback and offer an open door to your suggestions, anytime.

  • Online bidding for silent auctions replaces absentee bids
  • Reputation Points are now being awarded
  • Connect with other callmakers and buyers
  • Easier registrations for calls entered
  • Now you can upload pictures of your calls
  • Find out where you placed in the categories you enter even if you did not finish 1st - 5th
  • Encourage even more judge feedback
  • Change the contest and apply to be a judge next year
  • Now you can leave feedback for a judge so we can gauge how they did even better than before
  • Create personal profiles that you can share with others
  • Get notified Wednesday evening, February 13th after calls have been checked into the contest at the convention.  At that point, please notify us immediately if something is incorrect or wrong.