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About the Grand Nationals

The Worlds Largest Callmaking Contest

The contest started years ago by Charley Burke (A regional director at the time) as a way to showcase the callmakers who are the spirit of the organization. It started with just a few categories and as a carving contest. Over the years it has evolved into the largest callmaking contest of its kind in the World. Come check it out in person this year in Nashville, TN.

  • 1000 - 1200 Calls compete here every February
  • 5 different and unique divisions (Including the new wildlife art division) offer a wide range of different types of hunting and decorative pieces
  • Every piece entered in this contest has a portion of the sales donated to the National Wild Turkey Federation and helps support the Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.™ Initiative.
  • Auctions take place after the competition has its winners designated. You must have an account in order to participate in the bidding.

Callmakers Support the Organizational Efforts of
Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.


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2023 Changes

The contest continues to evolve year after year. Here are the scheduled changes this year.

Added a New Division

We have added a new Wildlife Art Division with over $1,700 in prize money up for grabs over 3 categories

Callmaker Hall of Fame

We have created the callmaker Hall of Fame to pay tribute to successful callmakers

Better Judging

We have removed an insignificant criteria for hunting turkey calls to streamline judging

Different Location

We moved to an outlying building at the Gaylord Opryland where we will have more space and easier access

2023 Elite Call Raffle

Buy tickets online for your chance to win 12 great calls from elite callmakers. Click here for more details.

Buy Tickets Here

New Website

A better callmaking website to showcase past winners and more information. Click around and see.

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