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Every callmaker wants more feedback

You did not receive as much feedback as you had hoped for.........

Some of the feedback we received stated callmakers wished that they had received more comments or judge feedback. During the first year, judges left 774 comments in the 2018 competition. This is a good start for a first-year run.  Can this be improved? Certainly.

Let's begin by explaining the process in which this took place.  Judges were given a tablet (first year using tablets) and were given a brief training regarding the new process and how to use those tablets for this process.  Adding comments was discussed with them, but they were instructed this was optional but appreciated if they had the time to do so.  We realize that feedback is very important and wanted to offer this as way for callmakers to receive feedback to help them better understand why a judge issued the score they received. Since this was the first year judges used the tablets and this process, it took a little more time.  Judging so many calls is not an easy task, and adding time to leave comments was an additional time-consuming task.  Therefore, we felt it should not be mandatory but optional.

Another concern we faced was with having never used tablets to judge before, we were uncertain as to how long the tablets would last on a full charge and what would be done if tablets begin shutting off as the batteries died. In previous years' competitions, if a call made a preliminary round, then it was judged (pertains to the hunting turkey call competition). In considering the building of this program, I (the guy who built the program) had an opportunity to attend the 2017 competition and observe the process. I felt all calls, regardless if they made the preliminary round (pertains to the hunting turkey call competition), should have the opportunity to be judged because every callmaker spends alot of time and resources making and entering this competition. Tablets (which would help speed up the process of judging) were then purchased and new procedures put into play. However, this needed to be tested, because with each new program comes uncertainty.

To add to uncertainty, some judges had to be moved to different areas of judging before the competition began because other judges were not able to make it. This placed additional strain on the judges.  Some of the judges had 207 calls to judge in 4 hours (pertains to the hunting turkey call competition area). In doing the math, you will find that those judges with 207 calls had approximately 1 minute to judge each call. Entering comments for each of those calls could take up to 20 seconds, which would only leave them about 40 seconds to play the call and decide what they are were going to score it. With that being said, we are continuing to work on obtaining more judges for the these competitions to allow more time for judges to leave comments.  Obtaining more judges is not a simple task.  

Now that we have a better understanding of what the tablets are capable of, we will encourage more comments in the 2019 competition. We, however, cannot require judges to leave comments but can only encourage them to do so and explain the importance of leaving feedback for callmakers. 

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