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Duck and Turkey

Custom Callmaking Competition

If you liked last years contest, you will LOVE this years version. Registrations open early this year on October 1st, 2018

New this year, learn from the best callmakers and improve your callmaking skills

We are offering free workshops to anyone who wants to attend to learn more about techniques used by the best callmakers in the game. These workshops are FREE to everyone. Sign up is super easy once you are logged in.

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Even more

In this years competition we disclosed more information than we ever have before allowing call makers to see the scores the judges awarded them and we finally gave the ability for judges to leave optional feedback for callmakers to read. This year we are doing even more!

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Judging a competition this size for free in just a few short hours can be quite a challenge. Therefore, we are looking to increase the number of judges to help meet this challenge.

If you are planning to attend the 2019 convention and have experience judging calls or call playing, why not apply to be a judge. Note: All potential judges are screened to help ensure the judges chosen are qualified to do just that… judge fairly and ethically.

How can we
Make next year better?

We have received tons of feedback on how the contest can be even better. We are listening! Here are a few things we plan to address based on the feedback we have received. Have an idea? PLEASE let us know. The contest is for all of you!

What else is changing?

There really is too much to list. I filled a notebook at convention with notes about what needs to improve and what we can do to make the contest even better. Here are a few of my other plans for next years version.

Where you placed...

For years we have told callmakers when they finished 1st-5th place. New this year, we are going to tell you if you placed 20th, 30th, or even 200th in the categories you enter in

Give Feedback

We want to know how we did. Give us your feedback. Tell us who you are or choose not to share your identity. Just let us know how we can make the contest better for you. We all depend on each other to make decisions about the contest. While we may not always agree with the suggestions we get, we cannot consider anything if we do not get any feedback

Judging is easier

One can never understand how difficult judging 200+ custom calls is until they take on this task. We have revamped, at the judges request, the platform has been completely rebuilt to provide the resources judges need to help them with this task.

More Comments (hopefully)

Last year we gave the ability to judges to leave comments on custom calls as they judged them. They did well, leaving 774 comments. Surprisingly, we had more custom comments left for calls than we had anticipated we would. Some judges had over 200 calls to judge, and to require them to leave comments would have almost assured us they would not have returned to judge again. This year we will make it easier for them to leave comments which will hopefully lead to more comments being left.

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Wanna be a judge?

Finding qualified judges is not an easy task and judging calls is not an easy job. This year, we anticipate adding more judges (especially for the Hunting Call Competition) to alleviate the problem of some judges having to judge 200+ calls during a short period of time. Judges are volunteers and are interviewed by contest administrators. Judges are callmakers, collectors, call operators and those who have an appreciation for the art and skill necessary to build custom calls. Judges are chosen based off skill, reputation, ethics and ability. If you would like to be considered to be a judge, please click on link below and fill out the application. (THERE IS already a Fill out Application link there).

Fill out an application

Online Bidding

Online bidding is something we could never do before. This year though, we are changing that. With callmakers having the ability to upload pictures of their calls into this years contest, online viewers can bid via an absentee bid number without ever stepping into the convention hall (Silent Auctions only).

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About the Competition

This annual competition is sometimes referred to as the Superbowl of Callmaking competitions around the United States. The competition started 26 Years ago in 1993 with the creation of the Decorative Turkey Call Competition (More commonly known as Division 1). The contest has continued to grow year after year to become what it is today with over 1000 custom calls entered into the contest last year alone. Come join us every February in Nashville during Valentines Day week.


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