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Information: November 30th, 2021

We are currently working on several big changes for the 2022 competition that we think will be well received by call makers, auction participants, and call collectors. Check back here at a later date for more updates on these changes.

We regret to inform everyone that Charley Burke has retired and is no longer running the show. We have added Bob Fulcher as a commisioner for the Hunting Turkey portion of the Grand Nationals to help out with the management of competition. While we hope Charley will consider offering a hand at the contest whenever he can, we will not try to take up too much of his hunting time. Charley was the one who started it all and was a key player in making this competition what it is today. Thank you so much for your efforts, your friendship, and your inspiration Charley.

Any judging or call placement questions having to do with Divisions 1 and 2 should be directed to Earl Duckett ( and Bob Fulcher ( moving forward.

Proposed Schedule (Subject to change)

  • December 3rd - Registrations open
  • February 4th - Deadline to receive calls at NWTF headquarters for anyone who is mailing entries and not able to hand deliver contest calls to Nashville in person
  • February 14th - Registrations Close
  • February 15th - 3-7pm in the Ryman hallway - hand deliver custom calls for checkin
  • February 15th - 7pm - All calls not received will be purged from contest
  • February 16th - Judging all divisions
  • February 17th - Call making Workshops 12-2pm & 2-4pm - Free Call making workshops. Hosts TBD
  • February 17th - Approximately at 10am winners will be announced and posted
  • February 18th - Open for anyone to browse and enjoy. Help with bid numbers and placing bids
  • February 18th - Call making Workshops 12-2pm & 2-4pm - Free Call making workshops. Hosts TBD
  • February 19th - Live Auction at 2:00pm in the contest area (This is subject to change)
  • February 19th - 1-3 pm Live auction winners call pick up in the contest area
  • February 26th - 27th - Online Auctions end at various times. Exact times will be posted later

As with any year, we welcome any feedback that could make the contest better in the coming year. Please reach out at with any suggestions.