What's New?

Developing a website of this capacity brings its’ own set of challenges. Each year time is spent improving the process and correcting areas that have presented problems in the past. We are now in our third year of development and feel confident a program has been built to best serve call maker, buyer and staff alike. A big thank you to all who have offered feedback (both negative and positive), and have helped us shape the contest into what it is today.

Below are improvements made for the 2020 competition.

  • Improvements in search feature to locate calls you are interested in. You may now search by division, category, calls with pictures, award winning calls, and many other options.
  • User friendly payment process for registrations and auction sales
  • Detailed instructions on picture uploads for calls that are registered into the contest
  • Restructured notifications so you do not receive as many text messages
  • You can now dispute a call awarded and invoiced to you if you feel it is in error. This prevents a card from being charged until the issue is resolved.
  • All winners will be confirmed via system before scores are released.
  • Online bidding section rebuilt to be more responsive and easier to understand
  • Reputation points were removed
  • Profiles were removed