User Profiles

Callmaker profiles are used to help other callmakers and call buyers connect with you. You can share contact information, a company logo or picture of yourself, and a description of who you are or what kind of call making experience you have. This is your opportunity to share everything you want other callmakers and buyers to know about you. What you share is up to you. Contact information can be hidden in your account settings as well as awards you have earned if you prefer not to show this information.

So what does all this mean? Some of it is obvious, but here is how it works. Tim Oldham Jr. is used in this example. At the time this picture was taken, Tim had not uploaded a profile photo. He also elected not to share his contact information. The awards are set to show in his account options, and he has not gotten around to sharing any information about himself.

Some of his information will automatically display, such as the calls he has entered in last years competition. Each of those calls can be clicked on to learn more information about it. His calls have not had pictures uploaded yet, which is why the calls have "NO IMAGE" displayed on them. The little green ribbons on the top left of the picture mean that he has won awards for each of his calls.

This is just one example. We are hoping to add a few more options in this section before the contest starts in February, but this is a great start. We all think you will love this!

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