Photo Uploads

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New in 2019... Photo Uploads


It has been our desire to allow callmakers to upload photos of their calls for quite some time.  However, with the program previously used, this was not possible. With the new program that has been built, it will allow callmakers to upload calls they are entering into the contest.  Please note: Photos uploaded will be monitored and approved/disapproved to ensure what is visible to the public is appropriate.  We do not anticipate any problems but one must always be prepared.

The challenge to approving uploaded photos will be TIME. After the competition has started, we will not be able to approve any further submissions of photos for calls. Therefore, all photos must be submitted BEFORE the competition begins. No exceptions can be made. You may wish to upload the photos early when registering OR anytime after you register your calls up until Wednesday evening, February 13th by 7 p.m. REMEMBER:  Deadline to register calls is January 18, 2019.

It is also important to note that we are testing this for the 2019 Convention. We reserve the right to discontinue this service for future competitions if not much interest in this area is shown.

At this time, we cannot take pictures of your custom calls and upload them for you. This feature is for the callmaker to use. Pictures are NOT required to register a call, have a call judged, or win in any category you enter. We reserve the right to use any photos entered into this competition to promote this contest or help the NWTF achieve its mission outside of this contest. Your pictures will never be sold to any third party for monetary gain, represented as an image we have taken ourselves, or for any devious or malicious representation of you the callmaker.

By uploading your pictures, you are authorizing us to use them as we deem appropriate and that the image is free from any copyright that a professional photographer may have obtained either by writing or verbal confirmation on the said image. All pictures MUST be free from any watermarks, free from any text, and be in a .jpg format. Pictures do NOT need to be professional quality, but it goes without saying that better images create better online sales. All pictures MUST be of the custom call being entered and not some other call (This will be monitored). Failure to follow these rules could cause the custom call the picture is associated with to be removed from the contest. All shipping charges of calls that have been removed and sent back to the callmaker for violations of our terms will be the responsibility of the callmaker.