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New in 2019: Online Bidding

New for the 2019 custom callmaking competition is online bidding for silent auction calls. In past years, we used absentee bidding on calls entered.  In moving forward to allow growth of this competition outside of the call making area, we are incorporating online bidding for silent auction items. This will replace Absentee bidding. One challenge presented is most callmakers want to play a call to hear how it sounds before deciding to buy it. We do not have the means, at this time, to provide these sound files because of the complexity of the programming it would take to accomplish this.  So instead, we have decided to implement reputation points for each callmaker. 

We understand that even with a callmaker's reputation displayed to online bidders; hunting calls entered into the competition are more about the sound quality a call produces than the appearance of the call. If a callmaker has a high reputation in the contest, buyers may be able to decide on the sound quality without ever actually hearing the call played. Decorative calls will be easier to gauge through pictures uploaded by the callmaker that will be screened by NWTF staff before they appear on our website.

As with anything, there are limitations to this process. The online bids that are placed on a call must be placed on bid sheets by the admin staff before any given category has closed for bids. On silent auctions, we close each category one by one. Usually, there are quite a few bidders gathered around the calls in a category trying to make sure they are the high bidder just seconds before the category closes. Some of those categories have over 200 calls in them. It's quite chaotic in those final seconds of a silent auction, and there is not enough time to take online bids and place them on the bid sheets when there are only a few moments left. The only way to resolve this, at this time, is to close online bidding 10 minutes before a category closes down.

When an online bid is placed in a silent auction, one of our admin staff will find the call and bid sheet for the online bid submitted and place your bid on the bid sheet. If you are not the highest bidder, you will receive an email informing you what the highest bid was once the bidding has closed. If you are the highest bidder, you will receive an email letting you know you are the current highest bidder.

The problem lies when a bidder present at the competition writes down a bid higher than what you submitted online. Unfortunately, you will not receive notification that you have been outbid until after the auction winner has been entered into our system. At that point, it will be too late for you to place another bid. Please remember this is the first time we have offered online bidding and there will be learning curves to overcome. We can only offer the following advice: if you desire to obtain a certain call, you may possibly want to place the best bid possible to try to ensure you are the highest bidder.

You cannot lower your bid once it has been placed, so please be sure that whatever bid you enter is what you are willing to pay for the call. Bid retractions have to be approved by an admin and are only allowed up to 10 minutes from the time your bid has been placed. (Unless we are in the final minutes of online bidding)

All online bidders who have won custom calls will be shipped their calls directly from the convention hall via UPS/Fed Ex on Sunday, February 17th after 2 p.m.  Any shipping and handling charges that are incurred in the course of online bidding will be charged to the credit card you used to secure your bid number.