Terms & General Information


Refunds cannot be given for calls you have bought from the competition unless we have charged you for a call that you did not bid on.  If you are charged for a call you did not bid on, refunds will be processed after convention from our headquarters office.  Please Note:  Refunds cannot be given on calls you place a bid on and won and have decided you no longer want.

Canceling Bids for Silent Auction Calls

You may cancel your silent auction bids up to 10 minutes after you place your bid (unless we are in the final moments of closing the category). All bid retractions have to be approved by an admin. After the silent bids have been successfully canceled, you will receive an email confirming that your bid has been withdrawn. We try to accommodate all requests to cancel a bid on an item; however, there may be rare circumstances where we are unable to cancel a bid because we have been inundated with several requests at one time (whether it be from others trying to place bids or others trying to cancel bids). Bid requests for silent auctions will be addressed before cancellations to bids. You should assume your bid for an item is still active until you have received an email confirmation that the bid was successfully cancelled. 

Judge's Scores

All judge's scores are final and cannot be deleted or changed (i.e. callmaker disagrees with judge's scores). It is the responsibility of the judge to evaluate the custom call and to judge that call to the best of their ability. Our job, as contest admininstrators, is to obtain judges who will be fair in the process of judging and are qualified to be a judge. If we feel a judge has been unfair, based on the equivalent of all their scores combined, they will not be invited to judge the competition again. The review process for judges happens well after the results of the competition have been received, and awards have been handed out. For this reason, all contest results are final. In the process we use to score each call during the competition, the highest and lowest judge's scores are removed.

Release of Scores

After the judges have completed judging all calls in the competition, the scores for your calls will be released to you for you to see where you scored high and where you scored low. These results are meant for you to see where you can improve your technique and where you have mastered it. The scores could vary from judge to judge because judges, like everyone else, have their own opinions about what they see and what they hear.  We will not release scores for any other callmaker's call entered into the competition. If callmakers would like to release their scores to other callmakers, that is a choice only they can make.

How Final Scores are Calculated

Each call is judged by a minimum of four judges on different criteria such as sound quality or finish (criteria depends on what category you enter the call into). Once all the calls in a category have been judged, the scores are calculated. The judge who gives you the highest overall score is deleted as well as the judge who gave the call the lowest overall score. Then the remaining judges scores for each call are added up and combined to give you the total score for the call. Every call in the competition is judged with this same process. The call with the highest total score is awarded first place in the category. If there is a tie in first through tenth place, that tie is automatically broken by the computer.

How Ties are broken

Each criterion is awarded a weight value from .01 to .10. The weights for each criterion are defined in the rules and when you register a custom call. These weights will not change at any point once registrations have been opened but can be changed all the way up until the day we start accepting registrations. If there is a tie, these weights are automatically used to break the tie. An example of this procedure is shown below.

The calls above are examples of a tiebreaker and how the process works. They are not actual ties from any contest and the scores used in this example were not the actual scores from any competition. If one of your call numbers is listed in this example, it is completely accidental.

Shipping Calls to Us

All shipping fees and insurance costs are the responsibility of the callmaker. If your call arrives to us damaged, the responsibility to replace the call's monetary value falls into the hands of the callmaker and the shipping service that was used to ship the call. Once you ship the call to us, if you would like to know if your package has been received, please feel free to contact Karen Cavender at (803)637-7428.

You should also note that we do not open packages until we have transported everything to the convention. It is at that time at convention that we open all of the boxes of calls that have been shipped in and process them into the competition.  It is up to you, the callmaker, to keep track of what is in each package. We are NOT responsible for calls that are missing from the package received.

Damaged Calls

On occasion upon opening call boxes, we find a damaged call. Please Note:  Calls are not opened until we arrive at convention. If this occurs, we will mark the call damaged in our system and our system will notify you that the call is damaged. Unfortunately, the call will not be entered into the competition and will be returned after the convention to the callmaker.

If the call is damaged while being judged, we will notify you and work with you on trying to fix the call OR compensate you for the call due to no fault of your own.

Stolen Calls

We regret to say that occasionally a call gets stolen during the competition. We make every effort to monitor all 900+ calls during the competition, but sadly sometimes someone takes a call they did not buy. If this happens, we work to compensate you the fair market value of the call as you listed it (in most cases, within reason). We do, however, realize that we cannot replace the value of a call or the large amount of time and work put into that call. It's a pretty emotional event for all involved.

Admin Initiated Relocation of a Call

Occasionally, we find a callmaker has entered a call into a category we feel it is not best suited. The NWTF reserves the right to place any call in a different category than the one designated by the entrant if the NWTF believes the new category better fits the rules. However, we do notify you, the callmaker, via email when we move a call. These decisions are final and will not be reversed once they occur.

Obtaining a Bid Number or Bid Paddle

In the 2018 competition, we made quite a few changes in the way we handled bid paddle and bid number registrations. We required all interested buyers to obtain a bid number with a credit card. While not everyone may have agreed with this change, it is one that was necessary. We will again implement this policy for the 2019 competition and future competitions. We regret if a buyer disagrees with this procedure but this policy secures any item you have bid on and won. If a buyer is unable to pick their calls up before our 2 p.m. deadline on Sunday, we have to have a card on file for calls won so they can be shipped directly via Fed Ex/UPS from the convention hall.  Any calls not picked up and paid for by Sunday  at 2 p.m. will be automatically charged to the card we have on file as well as any additional shipping charges charged to us by the shipping company (Fed Ex/UPS).


We reserve the right to disqualify one or more custom calls entered by a callmaker for violations of our terms. Reasons for disqualification are profane content in a description, inappropriate images uploaded to our website, disclosure of callmaker pricing that drives buyers away from our website to yours, and demeaning remarks to other callmakers or buyers within this competition. Once a callmaker has been disqualified, all custom calls they have entered into the competition will be immediately removed, and the callmaker will forfeit all registration fees paid into this competition. If the callmaker wishes to receive any calls back that they have entered into the competition that has been disqualified, the callmaker will be responsible for any shipping charges to return the item(s).

Amateur Entries

NEW CHANGE: All callmakers who have been awarded Amateur Call Maker of the Year in a particular division will not be eligible to enter as an "Amateur" in that particular division.    EXAMPLE: If you have won Amateur Call Maker of the Year in Division I - Decorative Turkey Call, you are not eligible to enter in Division I as an amateur again.  However, you may continue to enter the remaining divisions (Divisions II, III and IV as an Amateur until you reach Amateur Call Maker of the Year in each one of those divisions).   In addition, all Amateur callmakers will receive an Amateur participant medallion with ribbon for participating.

Youth Callmakers

Outstanding Youth Call Maker of the Year AwardThis award (one award for each of the four divisions - Dec. Turkey, Hunting Turkey, Dec. Duck & Goose and Hunting Duck and Goose) will recognize an outstanding youth callmaker 17 years of age or less at the time of the convention. The winner will receive a Youth - National Champion Medallion with ribbon. In addition, all youth callmakers will receive a youth participant medallion with ribbon for participating. The callmaker must indicate when registering if he/she is entering as a youth contestant.